Adult Programming

At A Block Above, we are unique in that we believe that supporting individuals with ASD across the lifespan will improve the quality of life for adults on the spectrum and their families. We maintain our philosophy of assessment to practice with adult learners, and implement assessments that match individual needs to inform the development of individualized programs.

As many adults on the autism spectrum suffer from mental health issues, we work in collaboration with mental health practitioners across the lower mainland. We offer services for adults to continue to support and teach: daily living skills, vocational skills, leisure skills, advanced language skills, self-management and self-monitoring, executive functioning, emotion regulation, mindfulness, navigating interpersonal relationships, social awareness, self advocacy, advanced academics, functional reading, writing, and math skills, along with romantic relationships and dating etiquette.

Adult intervention hours vary, but typically range between 3-6 hours per week. Please contact us for further information about how we can support you and your family into adulthood.

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