Our Team

Alexia Stack, M.Ed., BCBA
Behavior Analyst & Clinical Supervisor

Alexia received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Simon Fraser University (SFU) in 2001, and her Master of Education from the University of British Columbia (UBC) in 2006. Her graduate coursework concentrated on the area of autism and developmental disabilities. Alexia is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.

Alexia's history and passion for working with children dates back to when she was a youth and began coaching children’s sports, working at YMCA residential summer camps, and YMCA day camps. Alexia carried over her passion for working with children when she began working as a therapist for children with autism over 10 years ago.

In her early years, Alexia gained experience working as a therapist, lead therapist, and special education assistant in various school settings in the lower mainland. These experiences allowed her to learn about the basic principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, and the application of various teaching techniques to children with ASD. Alexia’s strong applied experience working as a therapist is carried over into her own practice today. Alexia has a varied knowledge base of behavior analytic teaching techniques including: Discrete Trial Teaching (DTT), Precision Teaching, Direct Instruction, and Natural Environment Teaching.

Over the course of her graduate coursework, Alexia strengthened her applied experience by developing a strong theoretical background in Applied Behavior Analysis. Alexia also expanded her knowledge base around a child’s right to an effective education both in and out of schools, and how to train family members in the application of behavioral principles in their daily lives. This knowledge base allows Alexia to develop programs that fit within the family context.

Alexia has developed a strong set of skills in the development of home-based ABA programs, conducting functional assessments and designing behavior plans with the collected data, staff training and supervision, parent training, and developing programs for playdates with peers.

Alexia has presented some of her applied work at the annual convention for behavior analysis, and has developed and presented workshops for parents and professionals.

Alexia continues her education by attending conferences annually.

Magda Markiewicz B.A.
Junior Consultant & Program Manager

Magda completed her Bachelor of Arts at Simon Fraser University in 2010. Since then she has been completing coursework in the areas of Applied Behaviour Analysis, Autism, Child Development and Special Education. Magda will begin her graduate studies at the University of British Columbia's Master of Special Education program, with a concentration in Autism and Developmental Disabilities.

Magda began working with children with autism as a Behaviour Interventionist in 2003. Her experience includes working in home, school and community settings. Magda's school experience includes applying the principles of ABA as an education assistant with the Burnaby School District for three years. Magda has worked with children ranging in age from 2–18 years.

As a Program Manager, Magda has experience training home based therapists, school aides and community support workers in teaching methodologies, in following behaviour management plans and data collection systems. Her experience includes training parents and other family members in effective behaviour management. Magda has extensive experience in collecting, analyzing, and making data-based decisions, as well as designing programs and implementing functional assessments.

As a Junior Consultant, Magda implements assessments and designs treatment plans and behaviour management plans. She works under the Clinical Supervision of Alexia Stack,M.Ed., BCBA.  Magda oversees the programming needs and makes data based decisions for her clients' learning, as well as providing supervision to her team of Behaviour Interventionists and Program Manager(s).

Magda continues her education in the field of ABA by attending workshops, and attending and presenting her work at annual conferences with ABAI and BC-ABA.


Andrea Schneider
Program Manager & Lead Behavior Interventionist

Andrea began working as a Behaviour Interventionist in May of 2009, and has since become a Lead Therapist on various teams in the lower mainland and the Howe Sound area. Her interest in working with families and children with ASD began at a very young age and thus, in 2008 Andrea enrolled in the Behaviour Intervention Citation Program at Douglas College. Since having graduated this program, Andrea began working with multiple families as a lead therapist. As a lead therapist, she is responsible for: effectively communicating with all members of each team (parents, therapists, program manager and consultant), organization and creation of teaching materials, and is learning how to train staff. Andrea is working towards completing her Bachelor's Degree in Community Rehabilitation through both Douglas College and the University of Calgary. Having always been interested and familiar with Autism Spectrum Disorders, she remains enthusiastic, energetic and extremely passionate about her work. Andrea has worked with children ranging from ages 2-15.


Terra Pritchard, BA
Program Manager & Lead Behaviour Interventionist.

Terra graduated from The University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology in 2009. She is currently pursuing a Masters degree in psychology at The Adler School of Professional Psychology. She has been working with A Block Above Behavioural Consulting since December 2011, having joined the team with one year of previous experience in ABA. She also has several years of experienceworking with children with developmental disabilities and their families in various recreational settings. In her role as Program Manager and Lead Behaviour Interventionist, she is responsible for training other behaviour interventionists, completing data reviews, preparing program materials, making data based decisions, and communicating with all team members.  Although she loves working with kids of all ages, Terra works predominantly with the preschool and young elementary school age group.


Jenna Beaumont: BSLT (Hons), RSLP
Program Manager

Jenna completed studies in speech and language pathology from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand. Upon returning to Vancouver in the summer of 2010, Jenna began working as a Behaviour Interventionist with families and children with ASD. She brought with her a passion and enthusiasm for working with children, along with a strong knowledge base in principles of speech and language development. As a result of this, Jenna is passionate about fostering communication skills and language development within the framework of ABA principles. She has experience in doing so with children of all abilities levels, including both early and advanced learners. As a qualified speech language pathologist with the college of speech and hearing health professionals of BC, Jenna is practicing as a covering therapist for Vancouver Coastal Health, as well as working towards developing her career in the area of autism and developmental disabilities. She achieves this by consistently seeking out professional development opportunities and exploring avenues by which she can further her education and experience in ASD and other developmental delays. She attends conferences and workshops at both local and international venues in order to keep current and maintain a high standard of evidence-based practice.


Samantha Rosen B.A
Lead Behavior Interventionist

Samantha is a former student of Linguistics and Psychology from SFU and has also completed one year of special education courses from UBC. Samantha has been working as a behavioral interventionist since 2005 in the lower mainland. She has worked with many families with children ranging between 2-12 years in age. She has worked as a lead behavior interventionist on various teams making data-based decisions, and training other behavior interventionists. Samantha has also worked as an education assistant in the West Vancouver and Burnaby school districts for the last 3 years. She intends to continue her education in this field working towards becoming a behavior consultant.