Our Philosophy

ABA-autism-servicesAt A Block Above Behavioral Consulting we understand that children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) have different learning styles from children who follow a typical pattern of development. Therefore, our programs are designed exclusively with individual differences in mind. We apply the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) consistently to guide our decision making processes over the course of your child's intervention.

Children with ASD often present themselves with unique learning styles, and therefore we believe that in order to make the best possible decisions for your child, all members of your child's team must be involved with the implementation of his/her home-based ABA program. We assist all individuals involved in your child's development through support and training, in order to make the most of your child's learning potential.

We believe the most effective teachers for children with ASD need to be skillfully trained and capable individuals. Such individuals create highly motivating, trustworthy, and encouraging work environments to maximize a child's learning potential. Therefore, as clinicians and educators, we strongly feel that we have a responsibility to continue our education, and to strengthen our skill sets in order to make the best decisions for your child.

Our focus on data facilitates the decision making process on a child by child basis. We believe that in order to make meaningful behavioural and educational changes, data must be collected and analyzed on an ongoing basis.

Our staff at ABA-BC are focused on your child, ABA principles, data based decisions, and continuing education in order to create individualized home-based programs for children with Autism.