Our Services

Behavioral-Consulting-Services-VancouverOur services are available to children as young as 18 months of age, and are always supervised by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). All intensive intervention programs are based on science-based best practice recommendations for individuals with ASD and other developmental disabilities. All programs for children under the age of 6 are intensive, meaning children receive 15-30 hours a week of intensive ABA intervention.  

At A Block Above Behavioural Consulting, we offer a variety of services that are designed to meet your child’s individual needs.  We design programs for Early-Intermediate Learners to Advanced Learners, and learners requiring life skills programs that can be implemented in your home, in preschool, or in your community.

Running a home-based intervention program involves:

  • BCBA oversees the synthesis of assessments administered by other professionals, and implements new assessments as needed in order to design a child specific curriculum for the home team to implement.
  • Training Behaviour Interventionists (BI’s) and ongoing supervision of BI’s in working in the home or community with your child.
  • BI’s working 1:1 in your home, preschool, or community implementing the intervention program as designed or overseen by your BCBA.
  • Working collaboratively with the family to promote generalization and maintenance of skills, and to help families with behaviour management in the home as needed.
  • Home-based team meetings
  • Weekly data reviews supervised by a BCBA
  • School, community-based, and home observations, assessments, and training as needed.
  • Working in collaboration with other professionals involved in the treatment of your child.

All children benefit from home-based intervention as there is an increase in opportunities for:

  • The generalization of learned skills to the child’s natural environment
  • Family members learn how to facilitate their child’s learning and communication skills in naturally occurring settings through our parent training sessions
  • Programming for playdates with peers and siblings